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Service Delivery Platform

Cellempower provides all professional services required to set-up an end-to-end solution: installation, integration, testing, commissioning, maintenance and support. It also provides business-consulting services to help the Customers optimizing their return on investment.

Empower – Heralding a New Age of Mobile Renaissance

Empower offers a one stop solution to mobile operators and service providers to provide cutting edge mobile services to subscribers. From a single platform, Empower can be used to provide a wide range of services, which include SMS services, WAP services and MMS services.

In addition, a fully customizable WEB and WAP portal has been designed for service providers and mobile operators to present users with the capability to browse and share exciting mobile content over the Internet.

A readymade solution allows service providers to get a whole spectrum of subscription services up and running with considerable ease. Capture happening events around the globe and deliver it LIVE to mobile phone subscribers! Present your subscribers with an enticing bouquet of services such as video clips, ringtones, picture messages, still images, animated GIF's and much more, with a value added advantage of being able to download and share!

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Architecture and Flow of Information

Content Management Services

The Content Management System (CMS) on Empower facilitates the following features to aid in effective content management:

The Content Gallery

Our vast library includes a wide range of carefully picked content that includes:

The above list is by no means exhaustive.

Our tie-ups with leading content providers and in-house production teams will ensure authentic and high quality content for all the services. Operators have the facility to host their own content, thereby adding value to their services.


Content Adaptation Techniques

The way mobile phones or PDA's display data may vary from brand to brand. Empower is backed with content adaptation mechanisms, which format the data to suit the specifications of the targeted mobile device.

Fully Customizable Web Portal

A Web engine is shipped with Empower to generate the main content screens as well as composer tools for Peer messaging.

Users can select and subscribe to various events, download or dedicate the content to any mobile.

The look and feel of the web site can be easily customized to a mobile operator’s specifications.


Reporting Mechanisms

Generating logs & reports is a crucial part of any service. The system generates standard logs and alarms that allow immediate trace, identification and rectification of bottlenecks and failures.

Customized reports also can be generated as per the needs of the operator.

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