Mobile Marketing

Why Mobile Marketing

The possibilities with mobile marketing are endless. What’s key is its unique characteristics that is especially prominent to today’s world of mobility.

High degree of immediacy
Mobile phones provide a highly convenient means to send and receive immediate response.
High impulse factor
Mobile phones allow consumers to demand for “Right here, right now” effect.
High relevancy in content and applications
Due to limited screen size and space, content and services delivered to the mobile phones will be much more concise, brief, and relevant to the consumers.
Deeper immersibility
Mobile phone has become a highly personal device that provides constant companionship to consumer’s daily life
Fun and immediate, convenient, 24/7, Viral & Cool, Cost effective, High response & recall rate, Trackable, Measurable
Influence consumer behavior at point of sale
The mobile medium gives you an opportunity to grab customer share of mind at the point of sale and directly influence buyer behavior by being present in their lifestyle through promotion of the brand through a personal device.
Motivate consumers to promote the brand
The mobile device encourages viral marketing tactics with its ability to forward messages and focus on personal interaction.
Engage the customer in a two-way interaction
The engagement of the customer runs deep and in fact, a mobile marketing initiative is all about managing customers at every stage of their lifecycle to maximize profitability and lifetime value. If the advertiser tracks users and leverages on the information, its usefulness multiplies over time as the relationship matures since he now anticipates the customer’s wants, likes and dislikes.
Promote brand recall
The wireless marketing is unique because it gives you an opportunity to be with the customer while he’s on the move, consistently reminding him of the brand and creating enormous share-of-mind for the brand.
Increase Customer Loyalty-Increase Brand Stickiness
Integration of co-branded promos and services, network and device independence, and intelligent personalization ensures maximum freedom and mobility - resulting in a better customer experience, increased loyalty and ultimately enhanced brand loyalty.
Extend Your Reach– Customer acquisition
Mobile devices are proliferating at such a rate that it represents an opportunity to capture an even greater market share than even the wired web.

A Road Map for Successful Wireless Advertising
As with all advertising mediums, wireless must be evaluated in light of reaching the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. Successful advertisers are those who successfully deliver value to the consumer. With wireless, consumer value is built on the ability to deliver messages that are tightly targeted and personal. Wireless offers the opportunity to target messaging like never before.

Due to the highly personal nature of mobile devices, messaging programs can take advantage of consumer-defined preferences to delivery highly targeted, timely and relevant information.

The personal nature of wireless devices also allows for the developing communities of like-minded users. Through this community building, simple brand awareness transforms into strong positive associations. Community building will also increase the amount of time spent sending and reading messages and will therefore increase ad exposures.

Judicious targeting, delivering value-added content, maintaining opt-in policies and nurturing of communities are just a few key components to developing an effective wireless campaign.

Data privacy remains one of the great showstoppers
The innovations that stand to make wireless marketing viable and valid – tracking, location, profiling – also threaten it most by contravening the user’s privacy. This shapes the nature of wireless marketing towards permission, incentives and commerce. It raises critical technical and legal issues in who controls, manages and protects that information, and how it can be shared anonymously. However concern about data privacy also provides a tool for differentiation – those who have clear privacy principles, opt-out clauses and ensure only high-value campaigns reach users will win trust.
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