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WAP is ideal for more interactive advertising such that the advertising campaign can actually be measured for success through fulfillment. Integrating a WAP enabled interstitial or rich ad with some sort of fulfillment capability helps to realize the full potential of the medium. Traditional marketing campaigns do not facilitate the measurement metrics or success of a campaign. Thus, the mobile medium using WAP as a bearer enables this capability.

WAP is the standard that's going to evolve into the mobile Internet of the future and wireless communications is what WAP enables. The best thing is to advocate the development of applications that are more in line with realistic consumer usage and payment models. When developing a new service, it must be based upon the mobile phone world rather than the Internet. For all new services, an understanding of 'mobility' will be crucial to the success.

Location Based Services

Capitalizing on the location determining technologies of the future will be one of the key factors for success of mobile marketing initiatives in the future. One of the unique features of the mobile environment as compared to the fixed line Internet is the fact that it is dependent on an end user’s location and position. The functional requirement for location-based technology therefore is that the end users can position themselves with respect to their proximity to a location. The challenge in offering location-based advertising is that in order for mobility to dictate relevance to the end user there needs to be continuous updated positioning data and some information as to the applicability to the end user. Perceived relevance is therefore a result of a combination of position determination and personalized information because end users care about their proximity and objects of interest to them. Location based services should therefore focus on what is important to the end users – taking into account where they are, the time and circumstances, and their own personal profile.

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