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Gillette - Mach3 Turbo Champion Razor

Campaign : The Champion

Background: To launch the new razor in the GCC region.

Objective : Following the success of the first campaign, Gillette wanted to achieve even bigger results with newly launched product.

The Cellempower solution: Consumers were triggered to SMS answers to the “golden number” via on-pack instructions as well as in-store advertising (posters, etc.) and other traditional media. Every Gillette Mach 3 Turbo pack was printed wit the easy to follow instruction and a unique code which the consumer had to send in an SMS along with their name. Everyone was a winner with Gillette, as all participants were rewarded ring tones and picture messages created by Cellempower. The ultimate prize was a Mercedes SLK.

Promotion : The campaign was promoted through TV, radio and newspapers ads, as well as in store advertising.

Results :No results have been officially published by Gillette, but Cellempower can confirm that the participation levels achieved in this campaign were even higher than the first very successful campaign!

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