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BP - Visco 2000

Campaign : Drive away with a younger car

Background: BP wished to emphasise the importance of changing car oil on a regular basis especially using Visco 2000 oil which has the affect of “renewing the car engine”, hence their choice of prize

Objectives: BP wished to differentiate Visco 2000 from other brands, and reward its consumers for choosing this oil.

The Cellempower solution: Visco 2000 packs were printed with simple instruction and a unique code for the consumers to SMS to the Golden number to enter the draw. They were prompted to participate via on-pack instructions as well as in-store advertising (posters, etc.) and other traditional media. The ultimate prize was a new version of the winners car up to 100 K.

Promotion: The campaign was promoted through TV, radio and newspapers ads, as well as in store advertising.


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