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Mobile Marketing Applications

SMS Competitions, push advertising, product and service updates, vouchers, ring tones, logos, SMS alerts and many more.

Mobile ring tones and logos are today’s most relevant give-aways for the youth market. Ring tones, logos, alerts and many other mobile content categories, which can be customized or provided on an exclusive basis. Use them on-pack, to drive sales, or in combination with PINS as a proof of purchase. Ring tones and logos also make a great reward to your customers through “gift with purchase” promotions or as a bonus for “opting-in” to your brand’s mobile database.

Session Based - Interactive

Upon commencement of the campaign the subscribers are invited to join in through online and offline media. They register by sending an SMS message to the advertised phone number and receive confirmation of their registration as a return SMS. The subscribers receive the first question and send back the answer as a letter, specified in the question. The response SMS will tell them if they are correct or not. The question/response will continue until all the questions have been sent. The winners are informed of their prizes and asked if they would like to be involved in campaigns in the future. An example of a session would be SMS Games and Treasure Hunt.

Contest, Quiz, Voting

Mobile campaign for various activities like contest, quiz, voting, etc is another application that’s beginning to receive a lot of attentions from the marketers. This two-way, much interactive application require the marketers to publish the contest or quiz questions and mobile phone users will send in their answers through SMS anytime, anywhere they go. The contest questions can be published on various media – newspaper, TV, radio, web, and mobile handsets if they can limit they questions within 160 characters. These contests are typically running for many days. The other possibility is to have it during an on-site event like football match, F1, charity nite, concert, or disco and pubs.


Subscribers elect to receive either an individual Coupon or series of Coupons. They are promoted using online and offline media. The subscriber registers through Online or through SMS to the advertised phone number and receives the voucher as the return SMS. The voucher contains the eligibility details, dates of validation and the validation ID code.

The subscriber takes the message to the participating merchant outlet and shows the coupon.

If the coupon is restricted in numbers and further ID is required, such as a store loyalty card, then the subscriber provides the ID and the merchant notes the coupon ID code and the loyalty card ID number. The coupon number is recorded in the stores CRM so the coupon can only be used once. The merchant then asks the coupon holder to then delete the SMS message from their phone.

If the coupon is not restricted then subscriber shows the merchant the coupon and the merchant asks the coupon holder to delete the SMS message. As there is no restriction to number the coupons it will not matter if the coupon is not deleted and is used twice.

Broadcast Advertising

Subscribers elect to receive advertisements from a sponsoring corporate. The subscriber registers online, through the company website, or by opting in through an SMS message. They are then sent advertisements until they elect to stop receiving them. It is up to the sponsoring corporate to send the opt out messages to the subscriber as often as is appropriate.

Loyalty Program

The Loyalty Program points are detailed through online and offline media. The subscriber receives the information of the points to be collected and sends an SMS message to the phone number supplied with the details of the points to be collected. The subscriber’s mobile number plus the message are logged.

RSVP – The mobile phone can be used as tool for confirmation of event invites by using SMS.

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