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We at cellempower understand the ever-increasing reliance on digital communication solutions, including the mobile phone, which is becoming the primary means of communication, not only for voice but also for digital services, e-mail, navigation etc. Text messages are proving to be a particularly popular mode of communication, with 350 billion text messages “SMS” being exchanged across the world’s mobile networks every month, with over 15% of these messages being classified as commercial, or marketing messages

cellempower has a unique complex mix of technologies, business skills and marketing expertise to increase your brand awareness, generate a customer profile opt-in data base, improve customer loyalty and increase your revenues through mobile marketing. Below are some examples of the endless opportunities of mobile marketing.

The wireless medium stands above other traditional customer access channels like physical stores, web-sites, print etc. in two distinct aspects – ubiquity and proximity. Research indicates that a mobile phone is among the top three things most consumers unconsciously pick up while stepping out along with a wallet and keys. The power and reach that this kind of “always-on-you” device gives the business is unparalleled by any other communication medium. Mobile phones are set to become the most common point of access to the Internet by 2021 and businesses cannot afford to miss out on this avenue to communicate, interact or relate with their customers or employees.

SMS’ powerful store-and-forward capability and its wide reach to literally 100% of the mobile subscriber base offer an immediate, proven service platform for mobile marketing. With SMS, we have an existing, low-cost bearer that can be created now and ported to the GPRS network in the near future.

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